Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment

School of Chemical and Biological Systems Engineering

About the School

The School of Chemical and Biological Systems Engineering (SCBSE), was established in August 2019 to offer cutting edge professional and academic training in line with the College’s motto of ‘Education and Training for the Real World’. The school’s mission is: “to be a centre of excellence in learning, creativity and enterprise, promoting more productive process industries, design, production and maintenance of medical and healthcare support facilities, better usage of agricultural production, processing, preservation and storage of food and non-food products, and environmental sustainability for the good of the society”. Engineering graduates produced by the school are trained to who work towards making life bearable to the society. The school’s industry-driven research initiatives are transformative, and designed to solve real-world problems. The programs are specifically designed to enable the students and lecturers to develop concepts and discoveries in lecture rooms, laboratories and workshops, innovate in collaboration with industry, design the innovations, solve real-world problems, and lead in their respective areas of expertise.

The School has four departments which are planned to offer professional degrees, degrees of technology, diplomas and when necessary certificates. Led by top intellectuals and professionals, the school runs hands-on programmes that focus on building individuals with intellectual (knowledge); professional (discretionary) and technical (application) competencies. To cope with the multi-faceted demands of the outside world, the teaching of social sciences is stressed to enable graduates make decisions and judgments, communicate and interact with the other professionals and local communities effectively. The students also go through annual internal and external industry-based learning to prepare them for practical application of their training.